We Care 

At MyPhonePouch we try to do good in multiple ways.  


First, MyPhonePouch is designed to help people - of all ages and from all walks of life.

MyPhonePouch isn't some gimmicky gadget or copy-cat of an existing product. This is truly an original and highly useful invention. It's a simple yet clever accessory designed to help people better keep up with one of their most important possessions, their cell phone. MyPhonePouch can help people save time and eliminate the stress of searching for a misplaced or lost phone. It can help reduce the chance of dropping or sitting on (and breaking) your phone. Moreover, it keeps your phone secure and accessible, freeing your hands and your mind to focus on the people and activities around you.


Second, MyPhonePouch is made in the USA.

As an American company, we are doing our best to walk-the-talk of Made in America by using Atlanta-based manufacturers to produce our products. We are also using US-based, eco-friendly suppliers across our supply-chain when and where we can. 

Third, MyPhonePouch will have minimal, eco-friendly packaging. 

As part of our commitment to being eco-friendly, our goal is to use minimal packaging made of recycled and recyclable materials to help reduce our environmental footprint. We are selecting US-based suppliers who make sustainability and eco-minded processes part of their business model. Additional, with the nature of our design, there will be minimal waste in the manufacturing process, allowing us to maximize every bolt of fabric that we use.  


Fourth, MyPhonePouch will give back to marsupial charities. 

At MyPhonePouch we love all animals, but we have a special place in our heart for the marsupials (pouched mammals) that helped to inspire this invention. We will be seeking out reputable charities that rescue, rehabilitate and relocate injured marsupials and donate a portion of our profits to support their invaluable work.


In North America, that would be our only marsupial, the humble yet resilient opossum.


In Australia, that would be literally hundreds of marsupials that go far beyond the iconic kangaroo featured in our logo. Australian marsupials include many species and subspecies of wallabies, koalas, wombats, gliders, quokkas, quolls, possums, bilbies, bandicoots, numbats, mice, and moles just to name a few. Click this link to see photos of some of the many Australian marsupials that perhaps you didn't even know existed.


Stay tuned for more detailed information about the charities that we partner with and links to their websites so you can see the efforts we support to help rescue and rehabilitate these amazing animals. We are proud to bring awareness and support to these charities and these animals.  


Thank you so much for your interest in MyPhonePouch!  

The Humble Opossum

The humble opossum is a shy, slow, nocturnal marsupial that far too often suffers from an image problem as unfortunately many people perceive them as ugly, scary, scavenging rats rather than cute, clever, amazing creatures. As North America’s only marsupial, these pouched, omnivorous animals are highly resistant to rabies, eat ticks and other pests. They hiss and bare their teeth when scared but are far more likely to play dead (play possum) than be aggressive. Click to learn more at the National Opossum Society website.  Click here for 10 Things You Didn't Know About Opossums

Click here to connect to The Opossum's Pouch Rescue and Rehab located in Greenville, SC

Click here to connect to Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation in Virginia Beach, VA

Stay tuned for more on how MyPhonePouch supports marsupial rescue and rehab non-profits 

MyPhonePouch is transforming the way people carry their cell phones.
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