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Keeping Up with your Cell Phone at Home

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Let's face it, the vast majority of us are understandably spending more time at home. Be it working from home, schooling our children at home, fewer safe activities to attend, maintaining social distance, being in quarantine or even isolation due to exposure to or actually contracting COVID-19, 2020 is the year of spending more time at home.

Staying at home translates into wearing casual, comfy clothes (Hello Leggings!) which often lack pockets to carry and keep up with your cell phone.

When your outfit has inadequate or zero pockets, it quickly leads to challenges keeping up with your cell phone. How many times have you set down your phone, walked to another room and then forgot where you left it? And as luck would have it, the ringer is off and you miss that important, time-sensitive call. Or maybe it's your spouse or your child constantly misplacing their phone, so you drop what you're doing and try to muster the patience to help locate it ... again.

During these stressful times, nobody needs the added stress and frustration of running room-to-room, frantically searching for where the heck they left their phone, or where the heck their spouse or child left their phone.

MyPhonePouch is a great solution for women, men and children alike; people of all ages and from all walks of life. This soft, stretchy, super comfortable pouch is worn tucked over any snug, sturdy waistband (or belt) to instantly add multiple pockets to leggings, sweats, shorts and other "athleisure-wear" as well as jeans too. Because the pouch pivots with you as you move, you can walk, stand, sit, bend and even recline, without having to adjust your phone or risk sitting on your phone.

With MyPhonePouch tucked over your waistband, you can carry your phone hands-free secure as you move about your day, dramatically reducing the chance of misplacing your phone, thereby eliminating wasted time and unnecessary stress. And now more than ever, anyone can benefit from that.