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Cell Phones have Become Essential so Keeping them Accessible is a Necessity

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

It's hard to remember how we managed to stay connected and quite literally even function before cell phones. Most Millennials and Gen Zers have little if any recall of life without a cell phone. In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, it goes without saying that we are more dependent than ever on our cell phones and for better or worse, that isn't going to change.

For most people, our cell phone is our lifeline to our professional, personal and entertainment worlds. If you miss a call, message or alert, you could be missing out on a business opportunity to make money, be late for a meeting, or miss connecting with a loved one. Few people leave home without their cell phone and for very good reason. Beyond staying connected and accessing vast information, for safety reasons alone, you should keep your phone with you in the event that you need to call for help or need to record a situation unfolding in front of you. Or perhaps you just suddenly need a map or a flashlight.

Because our cell phones have become essential in almost every aspect of our daily lives, it's more important than ever to keep your phone readily accessible. Unfortunately, carrying your phone practically everywhere you go can lead to a multitude of challenges. On one hand, when it's always in your hand, it can easily become a constant distraction, for many to the point of addiction. On the other hand, it often gets misplaced, dropped, sat-on and even lost. These dynamics lead to the growing problem of being less present with the people and activities around you, combined with the added stress, frustration and wasted time of constantly searching for where the heck you left your cell phone.

Many people rely on carrying their phone in their hand or in their back pocket - assuming your outfit has pockets as many outfits for women and girls have inadequate or no pockets. Many women carry a purse when out in public but increasingly women are downsizing and are foregoing a bulky, heavy purse. Besides, who carries a purse around room-to-room inside their home, in their yard or out walking the dog?

This is where MyPhonePouch comes in. An innovation in phone-carrying solutions, MyPhonePouch is very different from the armbands, sports belts and other sports-centric pouches that are designed for running and other rigorous activities, Soft, stretchy and super comfortable to wear, MyPhonePouch is designed to be worn tucked over any snug, sturdy waistband to comfortably carry your cell phone hands-free accessible at home, at work, or out-and-about as you move about your day-to-day life. MyPhonePouch stays on with a patent-pending counter-weight design so there is no belt around your waist, no strap across your body and no Velcro to snag your clothes or scratch your skin.

With MyPhonePouch you can always have your phone "on you" but it's no longer in your hand as a constant distraction only to get routinely misplaced and it's not in your pocket where it can get sat-on or jammed into your stomach. MyPhonePouch solves a myriad of phone-related issues by allowing you to keep your phone accessible on your hip while freeing up your hands to do other things and freeing up your mind to be more present with the people around you - and that's something that most of us need to work on in this technology age.

Carrying your cell phone hands-free accessible with MyPhonePouch

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