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A Smart, Time-Saving Solution for Small Business Owners

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

When you're a small business owner, time is money and there is no time for wasted time. Misplacing business-critical things at work can not only add unnecessary stress to an already hectic day, but also cost you valuable time retracing your steps (or your employees' steps) searching to find that misplaced item.

From restaurants and gyms to salons and retail stores, many small businesses still rely on cordless phones. If you're like many other small businesses, you probably find yourself or your employees constantly misplacing your business phone or running to catch the ringing phone. Beyond the recurring wasted time of looking for and running to catch the phone, you're also likely losing money by missing calls and orders from potential customers.

MyPhonePouch is a great solution for carrying cordless phone handsets

Designed to carry a cell phone, MyPhonePouch is also a highly practical solution to keep cordless phones hands-free accessible on your hip so you can stop the mad-dash of running to answer the phone and stop the madness of constantly misplacing the phone handset.

1. Super comfortable and easy to wear. Part of what makes MyPhonePouch unique is it's soft and stretchy so it's super comfortable and easy to wear with a wide range of outfits. Sleek and discreet, the pouch is worn tucked over any snug, sturdy waistband so the user doesn't have to wear a belt to affix it. The pouch conforms to the user's body and there are no uncomfortable plastic clips to dig into the user's waist. There are no cumbersome flaps and no belt or strap around the user's body.

2. The pouch pivots with the user's movement.

MyPhonePouch pivots with the user's movement so they can kneel, bend and sit without adjusting the phone. They can sit without sitting on (and breaking) the phone or taking it out of a back pocket (and then misplace it). The pouch can be worn on the right or left side, on the inside or outside of the user's hip, whichever is the most conducive to their tasks.

3. Fits almost any cordless phone handset.

Because MyPhonePouch is soft and stretchy, it can accommodate even the bulkiest cordless phone handsets. Users have a convenient hands-free place to put the phone thereby reducing the chance of fumbling and dropping it or forgetting where they left it. With multiple pockets in the pouch, employees can also carry other small lightweight essentials that they need to keep readily accessible.

4. Add your company logo to the pouch.

The front of the pouch can be branded with your company logo or message to further enhance your branding and help customers more quickly identify employees.

So, if you or your employees struggle to keep up with your cordless business phone or other small essential items at work, MyPhonePouch is a smart solution to help you save time and stop missing those customer calls. Order online and learn more at

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