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Let's Talk New Year's Resolutions!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

This little pouch can save you time, reduce stress and more

Let's talk New Year's resolutions because MyPhonePouch is here to help you with them.

It's now one week into the new year and for some people, sticking to their New Year's resolutions might already be getting a bit shaky. The new year is the time for many people to reflect on things that they wish to change and set goals to improve various areas of their lives. Unfortunately, sometimes, old habits are hard to break and new habits can be hard to stick to. Believe it or not, when it comes to several common New Year's resolutions, MyPhonePouch can actually help you stick with and achieve your goals.

1. Stop Wasting Time. One of the biggest problems MyPhonePouch solves is greatly reducing the amount of time you spend daily looking for where you left your phone. Those minutes you spend going from room-to-room all over your house or office searching for your phone can really add up. Even if you know where you left it, no more dropping what you are doing to run go get your phone that you left in your kitchen/bedroom/bathroom/wherever. While MyPhonePouch can't add time to the clock, it can truly eliminate the time wasted searching for or going to retrieve your phone so you can focus on all the other priorities around you. (Bonus feature, you are much less likely to miss that important call or time-sensitive text.)

2. Reduce Stress.

Many people set the resolution to reduce stress and while meditation, essential oils and yoga can help, keeping up with one of your most important, most frequently-used possessions is actually a great place to start. We use our phones for almost everything and take them practically everywhere so when you can't find your phone it creates a lot of unnecessary frustration and stress. The frantic searching for your phone can quickly escalate from an annoyance of wasted time (see #1) to a three-alarm-fire of being late for work, for school, for appointments and even causing others to also become stressed and late (see #3).

Even worse, because misplacing and then searching for your phone can happen daily (often multiple times a day) it becomes a constant, nagging source of recurring stress in your life. MyPhonePouch can help you break free from that stressful frustration cycle by keeping your phone secure and accessible on your hip so you can move about your home, yard, work more efficiently and stay focused on the things you need to do rather than fretting the constant stress of "Where the heck did I leave my phone now?"

3. Improve Relationships.

Have you ever snapped at your spouse, significant other or children because you couldn't find your phone? (Or they couldn't find theirs?) Have you ever gotten frustrated with your spouse, child, friend, or coworker because they weren't answering their phone when you really needed to reach them? Have you ever asked your spouse or kids to call your phone because you couldn't find it and now everyone is frustrated, running around calling and frantically looking for someone's phone with everyone getting more irritated by the minute? The reality is that a misplaced phone can quickly turn good moods into bad moods, can cause people to become annoyed with each other, and can even cause tempers to flare, all of which is damaging to relationships while causing more wasted time (see #1) and stress (see #2).

I have been there and done all of these things.

The recurring cascade of wasted time, unnecessary stress and getting frustrated with myself (and others) over a misplaced phone is what inspired me to create this simple yet powerful little pouch.

I wear MyPhonePouch every day and I literally swear by it.

This simple little accessory is so incredibly useful that it can honestly improve the quality of your daily life. I can honestly swear by how practical and