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A Simple, Practical Solution to Eliminate Recurring Stress in Your Daily Routine

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

There are many types of stress that people manage on a daily basis and among them, looking for something that is misplaced or lost is a proven stress trigger. When you multiply any stress by the frequency that it occurs, for example every day, multiple times a day, you can quickly understand that misplacing a cell phone is a serious stress factor for millions of people. It robs them of their peace of mind, compounded by wasting valuable time.

Before I invented MyPhonePouch, I was constantly forgetting where I left my phone, thereby introducing relentless and recurring stress into my daily routine. Like most women, often without pockets in my outfits, I would set down my phone, walk off and then forget where I left it. Multiple times a day, I would end up running from room-to-room looking for my phone, dump out my purse looking for it, go to my car looking for it, have my kids call it so maybe I could hear it … always getting more frustrated and more stressed by the minute.

Even when I remembered where I left my phone, it was frustrating to have to stop what I was doing and then go downstairs (or upstairs) to retrieve it, often to find that I had missed important calls and time-sensitive messages - which then added even more stress.

If I was wearing jeans and put my phone in my back pocket, I always had a nagging stress to remember it was there so I didn't accidentally sit on it and break it or pull my pants down in the bathroom and have it fall into the toilet. (As expensive and time-consuming as it is to repair or replace a phone, most people would agree that a broken phone is beyond stressful.)

Like many people, my phone is my lifeline to my professional, personal, and online worlds so while this stressful daily routine of constantly searching for my phone had become draining, I just accepted it as a normal part of a modern, "phone-dependent" life. It was normal to run around looking for where I left my phone. It was normal to get frustrated when my kids couldn't find their phones. It was normal to get ready to go somewhere and then "someone" couldn't find their phone so everyone ended up frustrated and late. All this added stress and frustration just became a normal part of my life.

Not anymore.

Today, I wear MyPhonePouch every day and I literally swear by it. I don't misplace my phone anymore. I don't leave my phone behind in my car, in my purse, in another room anymore. I don't carry my phone in my hand then drop it when carrying other things anymore. I don't worry about accidentally sitting on my phone anymore. I don't miss important calls anymore. I don't waste valuable time looking for my phone anymore.

I can honestly say that this small, simple accessory will improve the quality of your daily life. It solves a nagging, universal problem that we all have, that many of us have just accepted. With MyPhonePouch, you can reduce your daily stress and frustration levels significantly while becoming more organized, more efficient, more in control of your schedule, more at peace.

MyPhonePouch dramatically reduces, if not completely eliminates the various problems with carrying and keeping up with your cell phone. It keeps your phone secure and accessible on your hip wherever you go throughout your day. Because it doesn't require a belt or straps, you can wear it with any outfit that has a snug waistband making it very convenient to use. It allows you to focus less on your phone and more on the people and activities around you.

Sometimes it's the simplest things that can make the biggest difference. Now I want to help other people see and experience for themselves the value and the benefit of this amazing, affordable, highly-functional accessory. MyPhonePouch isn't some gimmicky gadget or copy-cat of an existing product. This is an original, practical invention to help people of all ages and from all walks of life better carry and keep up with one of their most important possessions, their cell phone.

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