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Is Your Most Important Work Device Secure and Readily Accessible?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

For the vast majority of business professionals, your most important, "can't function without it", work device is your cell phone. It puts contacts, calls, texts, calendars, reminders, email, and much more at your fingertips, which makes your cell phone an indispensable professional lifeline. It doesn't matter if you're a road warrior, a remote worker, or an office desk-jockey, the truth remains that your cell phone is an essential cornerstone of being a highly productive and reliably responsive employee.

For many professionals, even a temporarily misplaced cell phone can cause serious aggravation and stress (while a lost phone can induce a full-blown panic mode). Misplacing your phone (particularly if the ringer is off) can wreak havoc on your day making you late for a meeting or missing an important call. With whom you were supposed to connect with can make your misplaced phone a minor embarrassment or a monumental deal-breaker.

Clearly, for both your job security and your peace-of-mind, it's critical that you keep your cell phone secure and readily accessible at all times during the workday (and often after hours too). However, while cell phones have evolved exponentially in the last twenty years, how people carry them is still stuck in 1998, and unfortunately, is still highly dependent on pockets. This lack of a practical "phone carrying solution" is even more pronounced for women as many of their garments inexplicably lack pockets (and carrying a purse everywhere you go around the office and at home is a bit extra).

Moreover, pockets quite honestly are not an ideal solution. Whether you carry your phone in a front "jam you in the leg" pocket or a back "bend and break" pocket, whenever you sit down you have to take your phone out of your pocket and lay in down someplace. This makes your phone a tempting distraction to the meeting or activity and subsequently, much more likely to be forgotten and left behind when you stand up to go. Ergo, the stressful cycle of the misplaced phone continues.

Unfortunately, without a practical phone carrying solution, many people (particularly women) resort to carrying their cell phone in their hand, juggling it with their coffee, computer, files, keys, and other items, risking fumbling and dropping something, preferably not the phone or the computer (or the coffee).

MyPhonePouch is an innovative cell phone carrying accessory that breaks this stressful "where the heck is my phone" cycle by keeping your phone hands and pockets-free accessible in a pouch worn tucked over your waistband. This soft, stretchy pouch pivots with you as you move so you can easily sit, bend, and move about without having to adjust your phone. MyPhonePouch works exceedingly well with pants, jeans, skirts, leggings, and other garments that are fitted snugly against your waist and hips.

Unlike most other "phone holsters" on the market that require the user to affix the holder to a belt, MyPhonePouch doesn't require a belt to wear it (but works great tucked over a belt). Even better, MyPhonePouch has extra pockets to hold other small essentials such as an ID, credit card, cash or a key.

MyPhonePouch isn't some gimmicky gadget or copy-cat of an existing product. This is truly an original invention that is incredibly useful and can honestly improve the quality of your daily life. It allows you to keep your phone secure and accessible wherever you go. No more wasted time looking for your phone. No more missed calls. Less stress and more peace-of-mind, allowing you to be more productive at work because you know where your phone is, on your hip - not in your hand, not jammed in a pocket, not buried in a purse, and not left behind.