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Another Lost and Found Phone

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

It happened again. My husband and I were walking through Pottery Barn this past Saturday and we saw a cute, pink phone laying all alone on a sofa. There was nobody around, the phone was locked and with no ID we turned it in at the front register hoping whoever left it behind would ask the employees if they had found their phone.

Sure enough, as we continued browsing, a panicked young teen ran into the store franticly looking for her phone. We walked her to the front desk and reunited her with her phone. She was elated - as was her father who was calling the phone on the other end (but the ringer was off so nobody heard the phone ringing). Glad she had a happy ending to the lost phone drama but unfortunately, far too many other people don't. Left behind phones happen every day and it can be incredibly stressful and costly to lose a phone.

That is where MyPhonePouch comes in. It helps anyone who has a phone keep up with their phone much better. You can carry your phone hands-free and pockets-free so you can sit without sitting on your phone, so less setting down your phone and forgetting where you left it. With MyPhonePouch you can stop leaving your phone behind.

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