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How Did You Come Up With MyPhonePouch?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Like many women, I often wear yoga pants or similar type of “athletic-leisure” pants at home. And no matter how comfortable these pants are, more often than not, they don’t have pockets, so I was constantly struggling to keep up with my cell phone. I was tired of setting down my phone, walking off and missing an important call or message. When my hands were full, my phone either got stuffed precariously in my shirt (or bra) or it got left behind. Then I had to remember where I left it and wasted valuable time looking for it and would end up frustrated.

Honestly, if I added up all the time that I have wasted running downstairs to get to my ringing phone, running upstairs to get my alerting phone, retracing my steps looking for “where the heck did I leave my phone?”, it would probably be a shocking amount of wasted time and effort. Not to mention the added frustration and stress of being late to go somewhere because nowadays, you really can’t leave your house without your phone.

All of that frustration and wasted time lead to a brilliant idea. I literally woke up early one morning with the idea of creating some sort of pouch to add to my waistband. That same day, I cut up a pair of my leggings and hand-sewed my first prototype. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked like a champ. My teenaged son and daughter were admittedly a bit skeptical of my creation but when I showed it to one of my son’s college friends she said, “Connor, your mom is a genius!” That comment was one of the single most important moments of validation for me, to know that I was truly “on to something” that could solve a common problem for a lot of people.

I continued improving on my design, adding more pockets, not just to the front but to the back side as well. I researched metals for the counterweight. I came up with a name for my company and hired a design company for the logo. I hired a patent attorney and a business attorney. I have found a US manufacturer and other US suppliers for each of my components. Each step along the way, with the unwavering support of my husband, I have pieced this puzzle together step-by-step, ever so excited to launch this startup company and to breathe life into this highly useful, practical, affordable tech accessory.

I use either my prototypes or manufacturer’s samples every day and I swear by them. I don't carry my phone around without MyPhonePouch. As I have continued to use MyPhonePouch, it has become clear that it is incredibly functional with numerous outfits beyond yoga pants and athletic leisure-wear and it's very useful beyond wearing it around the house. Moreover, while I originally designed it for women and girls, it is very useful and practical for men as well.

MyPhonePouch isn't some “gimmicky gadget” or “copy-cat” of an existing product. This is an original, one-of-a-kind invention. A practical, useful product that is designed to help people carry and keep up with one of their most important possessions, their cell phone.

This simple yet clever accessory can honestly improve the quality of your daily life because struggling to carry and keep up with your cell phone isn’t a problem that is unique to me. It is a very common problem and this is truly an innovative solution.

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