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A Great Solution for Men to Carry their Cell Phone Pockets-Free

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Men also face a number of challenges when it comes to keeping up with their phones. Often their main mode of carrying their cell phone is in a front or back pocket. The problem with the front pocket is that the phone can jam into your leg or slip out of a loose pocket when you sit down, bend over, or recline. The problem with carrying a phone in a back pocket, aside from being an easy target for pickpockets, is that you have to take your phone out of your pocket every single time you sit down or recline and sometimes even when you bend over.

In either pocket scenario, you set your phone down somewhere and then have to remember to put it back in your pocket when you get up to go. Often that second step doesn't happen, so you end up loosing track of where you set down your phone and waste time trying to find it and inevitably miss an important call. Additionally, not all menswear has pockets, so then what the heck do you do with your phone when you don't have pockets? (Generally you are stuck carrying it in your hand, but that is another problem for another post.)

Some men use phone holsters as most of the holsters on the market are designed for men. They are typically leather, hard plastic or some other rigid material that clips onto a belt or a belt is threaded through the holster. They are generally bulky and can dig into your stomach or otherwise get in the way because the phone is often in a fixed position so it doesn't pivot smoothly with movement. These holsters can be very phone and case specific and generally have no extra pockets to carry other small essentials, just your phone.

MyPhonePouch is a great solution for these and other common problems that men face in keeping up with their phone. You can wear MyPhonePouch with or without a belt by either tucking MyPhonePouch over your waistband or over a belt to hold your cell phone and other small essentials secure and accessible, hands-free and pockets-free. Because of its soft, stretchy design, MyPhonePouch pivots with you as you move so you can stand, sit, recline and move about without having to take your phone in and out of your pocket.

The extra pockets on both the front side and the back side of MyPhonePouch, allows users to carry other small essentials such as a credit card, ID, a key, earbuds or other small items. The result is an innovative way to carry one of your most important possessions, your cell phone.

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