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Our Story

We are a small, self-funded, woman-owned start-up with big dreams.

With our first product launch in January 2018, MyPhonePouch is the creative brain-child and patent-pending invention of Allison Santini. Headquartered in Suwanee, GA, MyPhonePouch is currently privately-owned and self-funded. 


MyPhonePouch Inventor, Founder, Owner, CEO 


As a busy mother, wife, and business-woman my hands are always full and I'm always on the go. I invented this clever, useful and affordable accessory to solve the constant, nagging problem of always misplacing my phone.


Like most women, often without pockets in my outfits, I was tired of setting down my phone, walking off and missing an important call or worse, forgetting where the heck I left it. When my hands were full, my phone either got stuffed precariously in my shirt (or bra) or it got left behind. Then I wasted valuable time looking for it, always ending up frustrated, stressed out and sometimes even late to go somewhere. 


That frustration and wasted time lead to a brilliant idea. As a novice sewer, I cut up some old leggings and hand-sewed several prototypes, each one improving on my idea. It worked like a champ and I quickly realized that I had invented a unique, game-changing solution for a very common problem. That’s when I made the decision to go for it, left behind my 20+ year marketing career, and started my own company and brand from the ground up.


Other phone holsters are mainly targeted towards men. They are typically clunky, rigid and often require the user to affix it onto a belt or involve some sort of strap around your waist or across your body.  Women don't wear belts as often (particularly at home) and clunky, rigid holsters just don't cut it. My design was originally targeted towards women and girls because often our garments don't have pockets but men and boys also find MyPhonePouch to be a great solution.


Sleeker and smaller than a fanny pack, MyPhonePouch tucks over any snug, sturdy waistband so there is no belt around your waist. Moreover, it's superior to pockets because no more taking your phone out of your pocket every time you sit down and no more risk of accidentally sitting on and breaking your phone. It pivots with you as you move rather than jamming into your stomach, thigh or getting sat-on. 


I use MyPhonePouch every day and I swear by it. This simple accessory is incredibly useful and can honestly improve the quality of your daily life. It allows you to keep your phone accessible to dramatically reduce the wasted time and stress of looking for your phone.  You can be more efficient in your daily chores or your work because your phone is secure on your hip - not in your hand, not lost in your purse and not left behind.

Allison Santini wearing MyPhonePouch.jpg

Allison Santini Featured on Eric Holtzclaw's Podcast: Build Your Better Business

Always misplacing, sitting on or dropping your phone? Allison Santini wants to change all that with @MyPhonePouch! She's sharing about her #invention now on #BYBB

A Super Simple, Convenient, Useful Accessory

Yep, this is me wearing my invention because I literally swear by how practical and useful it is.

Originally I designed it to wear around my house but quickly found that it's so unbelievably useful, now I wear it wherever I go. Traveling, going out to eat, running errands, walking my dogs and so much more, this comfortable little pouch keeps my phone readily accessible while freeing up my hands and my mind to focus on everything else around me. I am less stressed because I am no longer searching for where the heck I left my phone and no more worries that I might sit on it and break it.

Allison Santini wearing MyPhonePouch, the ultimate travel accessory
Allison Santini wearing MyPhonePouch around the house, no more forgetting where you set your phone
Allison Santini sitting while wearing MyPhonePouch, sit without sitting on your phone
Allison Santini wearing MyPhonePouch sitting at a bar
Allison Santini wearing MyPhonePouch tucked over flannel shirt

Next Steps for MyPhonePouch

We are selling right here online and on Etsy, but we plan to partner with other online stores, retailers, and other go-to-market channels as we grow. Our product line continues to expand to include various sizes, more colors, and coming soon the addition of branding options are literally endless. We are walking-the-talk of Made in the USA with US-based manufacturers. 

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Allison Santini - Stop sitting on your phone!


Cell phones have evolved exponentially over the last twenty years but how people carry them has been stuck in 1998 - until now! 

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