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How To Wear MyPhonePouch - It's Simple! 

50% Goes Inside Your Pants and

50% Goes Outside Your Pants.
MyPhonePouch has two sides, the front side holds your phone and goes outside your waistband. The back side holds the stainless steel counter-weight and goes inside your waistband. When combined with a snug waistband (or belt) the counter-weight offsets the weight of your phone to hold the pouch in place.  Voila! 

View of phone pouch laying flat .jpg


Part of this simple yet clever design is a 2.5-ounce piece of stainless steel that is snapped into the backside of the phone pouch. Flat with rounded corners, it's enough weight to offset or balance the weight of your phone which goes in the front side of the pouch. When combined with a snug, sturdy waistband it works like a champ to hold the pouch in place. The weight is removable for washing the pouch.

Tips for using MyPhonePouch in the bathroom

Pro Tip: 
Where do I put MyPhonePouch when I have to go to the bathroom?

One great thing about MyPhonePouch is that it's worn on the front or side of your hip so you will see it as you start to pull down your pants unlike forgetting that your phone is in your back pocket and falling into the toilet. When sitting, I typically balance the pouch across my knee but you can also just drape it across your wrist. Of course, if you have a counter you can set it there, just don't forget it.

Carry MyPhonePouch with one finger.jpg

Pro Tip: 
Carry pouch with one finger if waistband is too loose or you don't have a waistband. 

MyPhonePouch works best tucked over a snug, sturdy waistband but not every outfit has a snug, sturdy waistband or belt. The good news is that you don't have to leave the pouch and your phone behind. Simply grab the pouch with your index finger and you can easily carry your phone with the grip of one finger. This is a great solution at home when your hands are often full but you need/want to carry your phone with you room-to-room doing all your chores or carrying things with you at work. Now, no more leaving your phone "somewhere", forget where you left it, missing important calls, messages and then waste valuable time searching for it.


Two Extra Tips: Don't forget that for added support you can also "double tuck" the pouch into the waistband of both your pants and your underwear. Also, with some outfits, you can foldover your waistband to make it more sturdy and supportive. 

Ports Up with MyPhonePouch.png

Pro Tip:
Put phone in "ports up" to access speaker 

One of my top tips for optimizing MyPhonePouch is to put your phone in the pouch with the screen facing your body and with the ports facing up. This allows you to access your speakers and charging ports while your phone is in the pouch so you can listen to music, a podcast, be on a phone call on speakerphone or using earphones. The screen facing your body is a more natural position for your phone when pulling it out and gives your screen that extra bit of protection.

This ports-up, screen-facing-your body position also allows you to discreetly use the record feature on your phone. Perhaps you want to record yourself dictating notes as you move about or perhaps life events are such that for your safety or other reasons, you need to discretely record other people around you. For instance, you need to discretely record sexual harassment at work or record an argument with an estranged significant other. For these or other personal safety scenarios, you can turn on the "record"  feature on your phone, put the phone in the pouch "ports up, screen-facing-your-body" and then record events around you discreetly and hands-free. 

Important Disclaimer - Always abide by the recording laws in your state. Some states, such as California, require two-party consent to record while other states do not. 

Tips to Optimize Wearing MyPhonePouch + Care Instructions 

1.  50% In / 50% Out: The back 50% of the pouch (the side with the counterweight) tucks inside your waistband and the front 50% of the pouch (that holds your phone) hangs outside your waistband. Note: Be sure to put the full-back 50% inside your waistband so your phone sits about level with your waistband.

2.  What is the weight and what is it for? It’s not lead. It’s not a magnet. It’s a smooth, flat, 2.5-ounce piece of stainless steel that acts as a counterweight to offset or balance the weight of your phone. This counterweight is part of the patent-pending design to avoid straps, belts, and other attachment devices.

3.  Pick a Pocket: There are three pockets of different depths on the front side of the pouch so you can choose the pocket that best suits the height of your phone. The other pockets can be used to carry other small items.

4.  A Snug, Fitted Waistband Works Best: MyPhonePouch works best tucked over a snug, sturdy waistband or belt.
If your waistband is loose or flimsy, you can also use the waistband of your underwear to provide extra support by “double-tucking” the pouch inside BOTH waistbands. Depending on your garment, you can fold over your waistband for added support. Alternatively, you can carry the pouch in your hand with the grip of just one finger.


5.  Put Your Phone in Ports Up: When you put your phone in the pouch “ports up”, you can use the speakerphone feature or plug in earbuds to listen to music, a podcast, be on a call while wearing the pouch hands-free. This ports-up position also allows you to discretely use the record feature on your phone if ever needed.

6.  Adjust Occasionally: Just like your shirt or socks, you will occasionally need to adjust the pouch as you wear it.

7.  Hello Gravity: The bigger and heavier your phone, the more it will “tug” at your waistband - it’s simply the laws of gravity. This slight tug at your waistband is normal and expected – much like “the bulge” when your phone is in a pocket, it’s just part of the tradeoff of carrying a phone. Again, for added support tuck it in your underwear, fold-over your waistband, tighten a drawstring, add a belt but some outfits just won’t be optimal for wearing the pouch.

8.  Ideal for Low-Impact Exercise: MyPhonePouch is a great solution for low-impact exercise including walking, hiking, at the gym but is NOT designed to be worn during running, jumping or other rigorous, high-impact activities.  

9.  Tips Not to “Pinch your Phone”: Depending on how tall you are, when you lean into kitchen or bathroom counter there is the possibility of "pinching" your phone between your body and the counter:  A. If you are tall enough, simply lift/pivot the front of the pouch to rest on the counter  B. You can shift the location of the pouch to the outside of your hip  C. You can temporarily take the pouch off and put it back on when done with your task

10. Carry Other Items: There are six pockets in the pouch. Two of the backside pockets have a snap closure. One is for the counterweight and the other to hold items more secure. If you opt to put an ID, credit card, etc in a pocket without the snap, be sure to pay attention to them as you take your phone in and out to ensure they stay secure. DO NOT put anything in the same pocket as your phone as it will come out when you pull your phone out.

11. Wash and Dry: Machine washable and dryable but you must remove the counter-weight before washing and replace the weight promptly after drying so you don't lose the weight as the pouch doesn’t work without it. We recommend using cold or cool water to wash and low heat to dry or air dry. No bleach. No ironing.

12.  Stretch and Shrink: Like most garments, it will stretch out a bit after use and shrink up a bit after washing and drying. If you want to avoid the pouch shrinking, wash in cold water and let it air dry in a warm location, occasionally stretching the pouch and putting your phone in it to help maintain your preferred shape and size.


BONUS FEATURE! In the event of an emergency situation, MyPhonePouch can be used for self-defense as a striking weapon. With a single quick motion, you can pull the pouch out of your waistband and hit an assailant (multiple times) with the weighted end of the pouch!


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