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US-Based & Eco-Friendly Suppliers

We are partnering with US-based and eco-friendly suppliers. 


We believe that what we do matters and that through eco-friendly business practices, we can make our small difference for good in the world.

So for starters, we are taking steps to use US-based and eco-friendly suppliers when and where we can. We aren't perfect, but believe that doing something green is better than doing nothing green, and doing something Made in America is better than doing nothing Made in America.


Here is a snapshot of some of our great suppliers. We are very pleased with their services and encourage you to check them out. And if you reach out to them, please let them know that MyPhonePouch referred you!  

Ecoenclose - our supplier for eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials

Louisville, CO, USA

Ecoenclose takes pride in offering the world's most eco-friendly shipping supplies and continuously innovates in sustainable packaging, reducing the volume of packaging, and using eco-friendly inks with the least toxins possible. They strongly encourage reduce, reuse, and recycle programs and actively implement sustainability efforts.   |  1-888-445-6575

GreenerPrinter - our supplier for eco-friendly tags and stationary 

Point Richmond, CA, USA

GreenerPrinter takes eco-minded sustainability seriously for all things printed including brochures, business cards, tags, and many other paper products. They believe in reduce, reuse, recycle, and offset, thereby weaving sustainability into every aspect of their manufacturing process.  | 1-800-655-5833

Rapid Tag & Label - our supplier heat-transfer product labels

Oakland, NJ, USA

Rapid Tag & Label is a national and international provider of custom and industry standard hangtags and pressure sensitive labels. From small one-off orders to large scale orders, they are a leader in providing quality tags and labels for the apparel, accessory and other industries.  |  1-877-438-8247, Inc. - our supplier of stickers for our counter-weights

Longmont, CO, USA

StickerGiant is a world-class manufacturer, printer of custom stickers and labels providing premium quality stickers, fast turnaround, and excellent customer service. They utilize wind energy to run their operation and strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible with their production.   |  1-888-794-8947

PureButtons, Inc. - our supplier of several cool promotional items

Medina, OH, USA

PureButtons is a top-notch manufacturer of custom buttons, refrigerator magnets, and other customized promotional items. They offer super fast turnaround for projects big or small and excellent customer service and are expanding upon eco-friendly production initiatives.  |  1-800-710-1600

North Atlanta Steel Supply - our supplier of stainless steel counter-weights

Cartersville, GA, USA

North Atlanta Steel Supply is a family-owned steel and metal supplier, including structural steel, wrought iron handrails, fencing, and more. For over twenty years they have been delivering top quality metal products, for projects big and small, all with friendly, southern hospitality and service.  |  1-404-422-3593

At this time, our top-notch US-manufacturing partner and our high-quality US-based fabric supplier remain proprietary information. 

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