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MyPhonePouch FAQs

Where do I buy MyPhonePouch? 

Right here on our website and also on Etsy! Our goal is to expand to other buying avenues both online and retail.


How do I know if MyPhonePouch will fit my phone and case?

MyPhonePouch is soft, stretchy and comes in several different sizes to fit most phones on the market. Since there are so many phones and phone cases, our online store is set up with a series of easy drop-down selections so customers can "tell us what type of phone and case you have"  and we will send the pouch that will be the best fit. We will contact you if we have any questions, concerns or need more information. We want each customer to be delighted with their purchase. 

While our order page has drop-down fields for easy selection of what you have and open fields to add more detail, at the most basic level our pouches come in three main sizes: 

  • Small - for smaller format phones such as the iPhone 6, 7, 8 and even smaller phones

  • Medium - for middle size phones such as iPhone X, 11, Pixel 2, Galaxy 10 Moto and other middle-size phones

  • Large - for plus-sized phones such as the iPhone 7+, 8+, XMax, Galaxy Note and other large-format phones

Our pouches are manufactured in small batches, with great skill and care by people, seamsters/seamstresses, not robots.
With any human-operated, "cut and sew" manufacturing process, there are always small variances in the sizing so we leverage these variances to match up each pouch to each order. For example, if a customer selects that they have an iPhone XR with a slim/smooth case we know to send one of our "skinny" size Large pouches to ensure a  better fit rather than a "standard" size Large pouch. This extra attention to detail allows us to provide the best fit for each phone/phone case. 

MyPhonePouch works best with phones that have a slim, smooth case (or no case).  Unfortunately, super thick, big, bulky ruggedized"Otterbox style" cases or thick "wallet style" cases just don't work optimality with the pouch. Sometimes we can "up-size" the pouch to fit a thicker case. Some customers have happily opted to "downsize" their super bulky cases for a more streamlined case option to use this product. (A great reason to buy a new, slimmer phone case.)
If you have any questions about your phone and your case, please let us know at: 


I have a smooth, slim case with a pop-socket, will it still fit in the pouch?

Yes! MyPhonePouch can easily stretch to accommodate pop-sockets and other small, collapsible kickstands or grip-loops. 


I have a rubberized, credit card pocket on the back of my phone-case, will it still fit in the pouch?

These rubberized credit cardholders that stick onto the back of a phone case can be a bit tricky. Due to the "sticky/grippy" nature of them, they tend to "grab" the fabric when sliding in-and-out of the pouch. If you have one of these on your phone case, please indicate when ordering and we will very likely "up-size" your pouch. 


Are there any magnets in MyPhonePouch?

Nope. There are no magnets in MyPhonePouch. Part of the unique design that makes MyPhonePouch so comfortable is that the front of the pouch that holds your phone pivots with you as you move. So when you sit down or bend over your phone pivots on your hip instead of jamming into your stomach or thigh. If the front and back of the pouch were affixed together via magnets, then the phone wouldn't pivot with your movement, plus it would be more likely to chafe and damage your clothing. Lastly, magnets can demagnetize credit cards, hotel room key cards, gift cards, and other items that you might put in the pouch.  


Why is there a weight snapped into the backside of the pouch?

This weight is how the pouch stays on! This flat, smooth 2.5-ounce stainless-steel counterweight is snapped into one of the pockets on the backside of the pouch to offset the weight of your cell phone. So when combined with a snug, sturdy waistband (or belt), the counter-weight balances your phone to hold it comfortably in place. This weight is removable for washing the pouch - just replace it after drying as the pouch won't work without the weight. 


Does MyPhonePouch have any RFID (Radio Frequency ID) blocking capabilities?

Some people are concerned about potential RFID exposure from their cell phones. MyPhonePouch does not have any RFID blocking components to it, HOWEVER, for people who are concerned about RFID exposure, the pouch does offer easy solution options due to the extra pockets. Some customers have purchased RFID blocking material from various online sources and cut the material to fit inside the extra pockets in the pouch. With six pockets total, there are numerous ways to layer in the RFID material of your choice. Also, some customers purchase an RFID blocking cell phone case to use directly on their phone. 

Is there any Velcro in MyPhonePouch?

No! There are absolutely no Velcro components to scratch your skin or snag and damage your clothing. MyPhonePouch is made of super-soft, comfy performance fabric with no rough edges and no Velcro closures or attachment mechanisms.


Is MyPhonePouch really Made in America?

Yes, in metro-Atlanta, GA to be specific. At MyPhonePouch are walking-the-talk of Made in America. We are also sourcing US-based and eco-friendly suppliers for components when and where we can. To learn more about our suppliers, please click here.


Is MyPhonePouch patented?

Our U.S. Patent Application Serial No. is: 16/104,782. It is currently in the patent-pending status for a US non-provisional utility patent with design and international patents to follow. 


What is your return policy?

Below is our prior original return policy but as of January 2022 all sales are final. I am winding down my business and all pouches are marked down at a deep discount so sales are final as I sell off the last of my inventory. 

If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can return your pouch for a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days of the delivery date. (At this time, shipping and handling fees are not refundable.) We do like to know why so we can understand what didn't work for you and use that feedback to help improve our design and service.


I want to order several pouches as gifts and mail them to different addresses ... 

We would love to help! To help ensure the correct item goes to the correct address, please place an order per each address you need shipping to. You can call us and place the order over the phone too if you prefer. We are here to help. 


Do you have more details about shipping and returns? 

Yes, here you go:



We offer free standard via First Class US mail in the entire USA. At this time, free shipping does not include a tracking number. It typically takes 4-6 business days to arrive given your geographic proximity to Atlanta, GA. If you want to receive your order faster or have package tracking, please select one of our other shipping options when you place your order.  



At this time, we do not cover return/exchange shipping charges and encourage you to add tracking any return package sent to us. We are not responsible for items being sent back that are lost in transit.  If you are exchanging an item for a different size, we will gladly cover the shipping of the new item to you once we have received the original item(s) back in good condition.



We love and appreciate all our international customers and wish we could extend free shipping but unfortunately, that isn't an option at this time. The customer is responsible for shipping charges on international orders. Please understand that international shipping charges do not include duties imposed by the buyer's individual country. Also, Customs may open packages in the delivery process which may cause delays in delivery.

Unfortunately, these factors with customs are beyond our control and we have no way to predict or prevent these potential complications. We do not cover the return/exchange shipping charges on any orders. If you wish to return or exchange an item, you are responsible for the shipping of the item back to us, as well as the shipping for the exchanged item to be re-delivered to you. We encourage that you add tracking and delivery confirmation on these orders because we are not responsible for packages lost in transit back to us. We sincerely wish we could offer a more affordable and customer-friendly international shipping option, but as a small startup company, at this time we are limited. 

Is there a warranty?

Yes! Each MyPhonePouch is covered from the delivery date by a six-month limited manufacturer's warranty against defects or other quality-related issues with workmanship. General wear-and-tear from use (or abuse) is not covered by the limited warranty. 


Is MyPhonePouch owned by a larger entity or holding company?

Not at all. We are truly a small, self-funded, start-up with big dreams. MyPhonePouch, LLC was founded by Allison Santini in 2017. She is the Inventor, Founder, Owner and CEO who holds the patents for MyPhonePouch.  


Have another question, please send us an email at 

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